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The worlds’ first luxury wellbeing subscription box that comes with a Membership CommUnity to Activate Your Devotion & Deepen Your Daily Practice.

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Welcome to The Mystics Cave

We believe that the practices of Meditation, Mindfulness, Contemplation & Prayer can change your life.

We wanted to create a Sacred Space for the Spiritually Stylish who are Ethically Minded and who want to care for the Environment.

We wanted to only buy beautiful pieces which will stand the test of time, and not get into the consumerism trap of always needing more things, less is truly more.

So we created a Subscription Box with a difference.

Spiritual, Stylish and Sustainable.

We ONLY source from local (UK) Creators, Makers and Artisans.

Our boxes are delivered 3 times per year (to save the impact of delivery & packaging on the environment) and we only deliver locally (UK).

Subscriptions come with Membership to REALM, our online Sacred Space where we practice our practices together (and if you live outside of the UK, we give you a list of the things you need to source locally if you desire them).

We intend to have International Hubs where we support local Artist & Creatives, but one step at a time, hey!


We gather monthly to explore the theme we are working with to deepen our intuition, self-love & creating space within our bodies to release our problems and pains.


As we release what is no longer serving us, we are tapped and tuned into our own innate wisdom which reveals to us the ideas, solutions and knowledge we’ve been seeking.


We are able to share our ideas and dreams without the fear of competition, instead, supporting each other through true collaboration and connection.

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Sacred Space & Ritual Tools

What’s in the Box?

Each of our boxes comes with the exact amount of supplies you need for our Monthly Rituals, Circles and Spaces (and when there’s a Retreat, you’ll receive an extra special delivery).

You’ll find notes to accompany each product, you can start using them straight away, being mindful the supply is catered to match the Rituals we will practice in REALM.

The items featured here are just some of the beautiful products you’ll find in our AUGUST* box, following the themes of:

Radiance & Essence
Self-Care & Wellness
Sacred Space & Environment

*not all items are listed and some may differ slightly depending on maker availability and quantity of boxes sold

3 Month Supply of Ritual Kits


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Luxury Handmade Items


Full Size Products

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