Soul, Style & Substance

Contemporary, Modern Mysticism

We believe that as you embody your Spirituality, you don’t need to leave your Sense of Style behind. Our Sacred Spaces are just as important as our Rituals & Daily Practice, let us help you uncover your true Essence & Radiance as you go Deep into The Mystics Cave.


I first heard the words, The Mystics Cave from one of my mentors, Ricci-Jane Adams who is the Principal of the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence, where graduated from The Third Level as an Intuitive Guide/Trainer.

In the return to my Spiritual path and my work as a Spiritual Director, Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher,  I chose to use “the Mystics Cave” in honour of my lineage.

My take on Modern Mysticism takes you into the depths of your psyche and alternate Realms of Consciousness, deep into the Cave where you uncover your shadows and bring them out of the dark, into the light.






Our Story

I’ve always believed that Spirituality and who we are as people are not separate. We don’t need to don robes or dress up as Priestesses to embody, embrace and consciously live as Spiritually aware folks.

BUT, if you do want to express your Spiritual side so others can see it, finding adornments for your body, mind and home can be tricky, we’re not into “new age” style, we’re Contemporary, Modern Mystics who also love to watch Netflix and Chill.


The Mystics Cave launches and we are SO excited to bring the world of Modern Mysticism to life, through experiencing Sensory Sacred Spaces and Rituals, yay!


Certified as an Intuitive Intelligence Trainer after completing 12 months in the “Third Level” with the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence. Re-committed to completion of my Minister of Metaphysics Degree.


After receiving news of the death of a sibling, I retreated into The Mystics Cave and into a Dark Night of the Soul. Emerging re-awakened and engaged to answer my Souls’ Calling.

Soul Style Reading

A beautiful way to reconnect back to your Soul, uncover your Essence & Radiance and step out into the world with a refreshed and revived sense of self.

Perfect for you if you’re feeling stuck, lost or lacking a sense of direction.

Each Reading receives a bespoke Affirmation to use in your Essence & Radiance Rituals.


Reveal Your True Essence


Gain Clarity & Confidence


Bespoke Affirmations

Meditation 1:1 VIP

The perfect way to start or learn how to develop your Daily Practice, this session will focus on where you are and where you want to go with your Meditation, or if you are keen to start with Prayer, Contemplation or Mindfulness, I’ll meet you where you are ready to begin.

We’ll incorporate a fully bespoke guided meditation, recorded for you to return to whenever you need it.


Develop Your Practice


Deepen Your Devotion


Master Your Mind

Tarot & Intuitive Guidance

Using the Tarot as an anchor to tell the story of your current situation, Susan taps into Higher Consciousness and delivers a reading that will help you to re-evaluate, align and take steps forwards in the new story of life you are trying to create.

These sessions are powerful, providing a fresh perspective on life.


Uncover Solutions to Dillemas


Release Old Stories & Fears


Uncover Gifts & Talents

Conscious Living

Modern Meditation

Many will argue that to have a true, mystical experience (e.g feel a connection that is Divine) has to happen through meditation. Yet, so many folks think that meditation is hard or impossible.

We are in times now where we are moving away from the lineage and tradition of Religious Meditation, and what I teach is a way to profoundly affect the way you show up and live your life.

It literally saved my life. And I use 4 simplified practices every day.

These practices enhance and empower your innate intuitive intelligence, thus, you don’t me to “read” for your or guide you, though sometimes, I know that may be what you need.


Meditation Dynamics







Intuitive Readings

Years of Experience

Lives Changed

Our Founder

Susan Young

Contemporary, Modern Mystic

Creds & Things:

  • Creator of the One96 Method
  • Intuitive Intelligence Trainer®
  • Mindfulness Practitioner, Level 1, 2, 3 + Master
  • Meditation Teacher & Facilitator
  • Life Purpose & Business Coach
  • Bachelors of Metaphysical Science, B.Msc
  • Dip. Metaphysical Practitioner (Spiritual Direction)
  • Masters of Metaphysical Science, M.Msc
  • Doctor of Philosophy, PhD Conscious Centred Living (currently undertaking)
  • Lifestyle & Business Design
  • Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Tarot & Intuitive Guidance

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