Dear Love, With Love Journal


Letter journal with 50 pages of opportunities to write letters with guidance through quotes.

Ideal for expression and self-healing.
Made in United Kingdom

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Dear Love, With Love is a letter journal where you can write your feelings and express yourself freely.

This journal serves as an opportunity to write letters to those you love as well as those that left scars. Either way, you will be guided through the process with a quote of encouragement at every stage.

For those looking for a thoughtful gift for a loved one to encourage self-care, this journal would be great.


  • 50 pages

  • 14 letters for you to write


  • Hardcover

  • Made & printed in the UK

  • Made with recycled paper and vegetable-based ink

  • Hand-finished with ribbon divider.

  • Free space.

Designed to be used:

  • to explore your thoughts and feelings

  • express words you haven’t previously been able to

  • as an activity for when you’re spending quality time with yourself

  • for stress management

  • as part of your support system for mental health.


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