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Your Sacred Space for Healing & Growth


Self-Love and Self-Leadership are what it’s going to take to change the world. And this, of course, begins with each of us taking personal responsibility for our individual and collective healing, meeting our fears, shadows and revealing what matters to our hearts.

This “work”, is brought to you via REALM through ways in which we access the subconscious, through Ritual, Prayer, Contemplation, Meditation and Mindfulness. Along with some high-touch, potent mentoring from Susan!

You are Divinely created to BE here, right now in this time, to Reclaim our Wholeness and bring our Light back into the world.

This is NOT some lame “love and light” shiz. Uh-uh. REALM is for the truth seekers, the healers and mystics who are tired of living out patterns of pain.

When you join REALM you become one of many amazing community members who are growing together, in a Sacred Space where you are Free to be Seen and bring your Souls’ Calling & Purpose to Life.




How it Works

Enter the Realm

Membership to REALM is a monthly subscription, with a year-long commitment.

Our focus is DEVOTION to our innermost desires, speaking our truth, igniting innate gifts and talents, listening to our inner wisdom and guidance, healing ourselves along the way.

It takes courage to BE all you came here to be, we help you to find that strength within to “see” what your subconscious has been helping you to create in this life so far, we make everything conscious to release old, unhealthy patterns and reveal your brilliance to the world.


Every month we gather in curated Spaces to receive what we need most. You’ll also receive our beautiful REALM Rituals* in the post 3 times per year to aid your transformation (inside and out).


Learn how to embody your Souls’ Purpose and Calling. You’ll notice the expansion of SELF quickly, whilst being gently and fiercely encouraged to show yourself and be seen as you are, turning your pain into passion.


As you start to identify with your true self and nature again, no longer worried about what the world might think (too spiritual, too loud, too much, too introverted, too weird) you recognise and reclaim your worth in ALL areas of your life.

*does not apply to Virtual Realm Membership

In Realm we Learn to Let Go to Grow

This is where true Healing and Life begins

Subscribe to Realm

It’s an Honour & Privilege to Serve

The Virtual Realm

Access everything within REALM, our Virtual Online Sacred Space includes all Rituals & Retreats without the subscription Ritual Kit Boxes.

Perfect if you live outside of the UK. You won’t miss out on curating your Sacred Spaces, we’ll provide you with all you need to gather your aids and adornments!


Monthly Circles & Spaces


Rituals & Retreats


Resources & Mentorship


9Ritual Kits ( sent 3 x per year)


VIP Group Mentoring

The Curated Realm

Be delighted when you receive your beautifully curated Ritual Kits to aid your Daily Devotion and adorn your Sacred Spaces.

Each kit includes specially selected hand-made artisan wares from The Mystics Cave collaborations with contemporary crafters & creatives in the UK.


Monthly Circles & Spaces


Rituals & Retreats


Resources & Mentorship


9 Ritual Kits (sent 3 x per year)


VIP Group Mentoring

The Illuminate Realm

High Level mentoring and coaching with Susan in a Mastermind format. This is a space for your Expansion, Growth and for you to Evolve into the next level of life.

This is not an exclusive space. If you feel the call and want to contribute at a different pace & are willing to do the work, you’re welcome here.


Monthly Circles & Spaces


Rituals & Retreats


Resources & Mentorship


9 Ritual Kits (sent 3 x per year)


VIP Group Mentoring


A Year in Realm


Become Who you were always meant to Become



find your inner glow



cultivating relationships



reveal your gifts



enhance your wellness



envision your reality



purpose & giving back



curate your environment



reclaim your prosperity



capacity & learning



embody your new identity



open to receiving



uplevel & evolve


Conscious Living

We are in a new time, of Unity Consciousness but we must find this within our own hearts so that we can heal the world. Big call, I know.

Step into your Imaginarium for a moment, into your REALM where you live, work, love, play, create. Imagine when you have the time, money, freedom, flexibility and you’re living all of your desires. How would that feel?

Imagine in 12 months from now, you have Radically Transformed ALL areas of your life & you become the most fully expressed version of yourself, you become unrecognisable (in the most wonderful way), small incremental shifts, daily devotion and practice, to a life of joy knowing you are contributing to something bigger than yourself.

This is REALM.

Meet Your Host

Susan Young

Contemporary, Modern Mystic

Creds & Things:

  • Founder, The Mystics Cave®
  • Author, The Language of Style
  • Creator of the One96 Method
  • Intuitive Intelligence Trainer®
  • Mindfulness Practitioner, Level 1, 2, 3 + Master
  • Meditation Teacher & Facilitator
  • Life Purpose & Business Coach
  • Bachelors of Metaphysical Science, B.Msc
  • Dip. Metaphysical Practitioner (Spiritual Direction)
  • Masters of Metaphysical Science, M.Msc
  • Doctor of Philosophy, PhD Conscious Centred Living (currently undertaking)
  • Lifestyle & Business Design
  • Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Tarot & Intuitive Guidance

OK, so they are my creds. Who really cares? The truth is, what YOU need to know is that I’ve been there, done that with all the fancy bells and whistles coaching and mentoring, REALM is the only place you’ll find me these days, I’m in there, available and approachable and ready to Serve you to become the best version of you.

I do this in a non-hierarchical way. Even though I may run teachings, I STILL do the work including the Rituals and Practices, as we are an ever-evolving work in progress.


Questions & Queries

What's the Refund or Guarantee Policy?

We ask that you choose carefully when saying yes to joining REALM, not because we don’t think you’ll love it (we do), but because we are a tiny business with big visions and goals.

See, the thing is no one can guarantee your results, they are up to you.

However, if after 12 months in REALM you are really unhappy and want your money back, we’ll give it all to you (and you’ll get to keep all of your Ritual Kit gifts).

Word to the wise though, if you know in your heart and soul you ain’t gonna show up and do the work, then PLEASE don’t sign up. That’s your Ego playing a game of FOMO. You don’t need any of that nonsense, what you DO need is an insatiable desire to show the F up and meet your fears, evolve, play in the community and ALLOW yourself to receive the support both you and I know you need.

Is REALM Right for me?

REALM is the space for Leaders. Or those who are on the path to true Self-Love and Self-Leadership.

Ultimately, REALM will work for you if you are, at the core ready to Lead and Influence.

You are eager to learn, uncover your own unique style of Mysticism and Sacred Service AND you want to do this in a way that’s Modern, Contemporary and Stylish.

There is an inner fire that is committed (even if that is just a spark right now), you are willing to learn and will do what it takes to meet your fears and shadows, with lots of help and support from the REALM team and our commUnity.

So if you’re not a leader, you’re not insatiably starving to grow, and not committed to doing the uncomfortable, deep work that it takes to actually expand into your true nature and Souls’ Calling, then this Sacred Space is not for you.

Can I upgrade if I start on the CommUnity Membership?

Yes, of course.

You can upgrade from inside the CommUnity during the beginning of our subscription cycles and your first Ritual kit will be delivered to you.

For example, you upgrade in September, your first Kits will arrive in December.

What happens when I pay to join?

When you purchase your membership or Ritual Kit subscription, you’ll receive an invite to join Realm.

If you haven’t received your invite, please be patient as we run this platform separately, we usually get invites out within 24-48 hours of your purchase.

Should you have any problems, you can click HERE to request membership, wait for an email from us to approve your request along with and an invitation to join (we ask you questions so that the space stays Safe and Sacred and ensures you’re a paid member).

We can’t wait to see you there!

I don't have a business yet, can I join Realm?

The Sacred Space in Realm has been developed for Modern Mystics who are on the path to creating a business and providing the world with a sacred service.

However, if you align with our practices, are keen to learn more and develop your Spiritual side, we’d love to meet you.

To join you must first purchase a membership to Realm via our subscriptions.

We can’t wait to see you there!

How much time will I need to dedicate to REALM?

To see any BIG transformations, the more time you commit, the bigger and faster the transformations will come.

That being said, you can achieve GREAT things by following our Rituals and Practices with as little as 10 – 15 minutes, consistently every day.

We encourage you to join our social Circles and Spaces where the opportunity to be seen, held and heard by your peers is a fabulous way to help you move closer towards your calling.

What are Circles & Spaces?

Our Circles are events where you have the opportunity to REVEAL a part of you in a safely held Circle, where there are guidelines that we follow to ensure each member of the circle is given the space and time they need for their reveal.

Our Spaces are fun and super social get-togethers where we “play” games and challenges in Hot Seats to assist you in your Ritual work. These games will help you to identify what you truly need to work on to bring more of your brilliance into the light.

These are approximately 2 hours per month.

What are the Rituals & Retreats?

Our Rituals follow the One96 Method, so there are guiding principles and themes throughout the year in REALM.

Each Ritual has been designed to be easy to do so that your daily practice and devotion is a joy to do and doesn’t feel like a chore, you’ll look forward to them every day.

The Rituals are performed monthly Live with Susan and everything is stored in our private Sacred Sanctuary so you’ll always have access to them. You’ll also be emailed everything you need.

Retreats are our courses, classes and events which are held online and/or in-person (and live-streamed). You’ll have access to two courses on joining, Vision and Visibility. Both of these will help you to gain deeper clarity on your Purpose and how to bring your Passions to life.


Will I get personal mentoring with Susan?

In the first year of REAM (Sept 2021-Aug 2022) you will have access to Hot Seat questions from Susan in our Spaces, she also runs the Ritual calls. Susan is also in the Private Community Sacred Space answering questions, in a Q&A forum.

We work in the office on weekdays only, and the team is available to answer questions, but be aware that sometimes due to timezones, your question may not get answered until the following day.

Illuminate Realm VIP Members will receive weekly Hot Seat calls where there is the opportunity to ask Susan questions directly.

Is there a place to sell my services & products in REALM?

We’ve created a dedicated Market Space for you to show up and sell. We’ll even guide you on how to do it, yay.

The Market Space is also for you to buy from your peers, support others in their growth and find Generosity within yourself so that you to can Receive and Give (this is a big part of what REALM is about).

I'm not in the UK, can I still join?


We shout that out loud in excitement to have you in our Sacred Space, everything we do in REALM is via the internet (if you have access to the internet, you can join).

We envision having members from all over the world, all live streaming Social Spaces and Circles have times are timezone friendly (to the best of our ability) and you’ll find recordings of all the online events so you can access them at any time.

I really want to join, but can't afford it...

Until 31st July 2021, the Virtual Membership is 50% off so now is the time to join to lock in that price for life, then if you decide you want to add in Ritual Kits at a later date, you’ll still keep our Founding Member offer.

We know that making an investment in yourself, particularly your own wellbeing is something you may not be used to, but what we DO know is that when you put the time in to do the work to change your life, your life WILL change.

The decision is entirely yours!

Can I Gift a Subscription to REALM?


And how generous of you to think of another.

When you purchase a Subscription, you can let us know it’s a gift through the checkout process.


Here’s the really cool part, when you buy your own subscription to REALM, we’ll give you a special invitation to invite ONE of your friends into the Sacred Space (as a Virtual Member) for FREE. And, if you choose, you can split the cost between you, but that’s up to you to manage. Memberships are not transferable.

If you have any questions, just let us know by emailing us at hello@mysticscave.com or pop open a chat with us (on the left-hand corner of your screen).

What products are in the Ritual Kits, will I like them?

In each box, there are between 5 – 10 handmade, luxury products that have been specifically chosen to align with the Rituals in Realm.

All of the products included are full size, all of which are available in our store (and some will be on our Featured section on the home page) so that you can see what will be sent to you. If what we offer in our store isn’t your style, then maybe opt for a Virtual Membership instead, that way you can buy your own items for the Rituals and practices offered inside of REALM.

Our boxes are all about Quality, not necessarily quantity, the retail value of each box will always be over £300.

Why do you only deliver to the UK?

We are a new business and will expand our offerings globally shortly. However, a part of our values and ethos is to create less of an impact on the environment. Hence we only deliver the boxes 3 times per year. (Think packaging and delivery).

In an ideal world, when we expand operations, we will source items locally from where you live and have them shipped within your own country. It’s a big vision, but a worthy one, the more we can help you to help others in your community, the more we get to affect real change in the world.

You can still join REALM without buying a box (we’ll supply you the ingredients for all the rituals so that you can buy them locally) – just opt for the Virtual Membership.

If you’d REALLY love for us to ship to you, fill out the form above or send us an email to hello@mysticscave.com and we’ll work out a postal service for you. Bear in mind, our boxes are not small and contain some valuable and fragile pieces, so we won’t be able to cover the cost for you at the moment.

How long does delivery take?

We ship all boxes in the first week of the shipping months:

August 2021: 2nd – 6th

December 2021: 6th – 10th

April 2022: 4th – 8th

Please allow up to 7 days after the dates above to let us know if your parcel doesn’t arrive.

What if my parcel doesn't arrive?

All of our parcels are shipped with tracking codes so can be traced.

If, however, you do not receive your shop parcel after 7 business days of the subscription box posting dates, please email us at hello@mysticscave.com or open a web chat (the wee bubble on the left-hand side of your screen) and we’ll get it sorted for you!

What if something is broken or missing?

Sometimes things can happen in transit, or we make a mistake when packing.

Please let us know ASAP that you have something missing or broken, email us at hello@mysticscave.com and let us know the problem and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours to rectify the situation.

If you need to return something to us, you will need to pay the shipping cost. Please review our full Returns Policy Here.