Let Go to Grow


Melrose, a Beautiful Gateway to Scotland (and your Soul)

Steeped in history and village-like charm, Melrose sits at the foot of the Eildon Hills and by the flowing River Tweed, this fascinating town was once one of the most important with the wealthiest Abbey, St Mary’s includes a burial casket believed to contain the heart of Robert the Bruce.

Melrose is a special place, not just to visit, but to rest, rejuvenate and reclaim yourself.

Our retreats are carefully curated for you to find Peace in your heart & reconnection to your Souls’ calling and desires.


Local or a Visitor, The Mystics Cave welcomes you to Retreat with us!

Our Classes, Workshops and Events are all Retreats in our minds. In some cases you may come to learn, some you may come to let go and in others, you may want to grow.

Whatever you are seeking, we are here to accommodate your Expansion and Evolution and we trust that in each Teaching, Transmission or Practice we offer, you will leave with a new perspective, regained sense of self and clarity on your direction.

Book for an hour, or come and practice for a week, we’d love to see you.

July at The Mystics Cave

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Daily Practice

Contemplation Week £25-37.50

Melrose & via Live-Stream 7am – 8am M-F

Theme: Reconnecting to My Purpose

Commit to a week-long practice of Contemplation and learn this beautifully simple, yet profound technique to release stress & anxiety and to help you create clarity, focus and a renewed sense of self, vision for your life and future.


July 2021

Receiving Space £15

Melrose, 7pm – 9pm

Join us in our Circle to learn the Art of Receiving. Often we spend so much time giving, we forget that we have permission to pause and allow ourselves the time we need to care for ourselves and fill our cups. This beautiful session will show you how to honour more receiving whilst still being a wonderful giver!


July 2021

Reveal Circle £15

MELROSE, 7pm – 9pm

Reveal is a Sacred Circle to Reveal Your Hidden Powers & Shadows. Bring all of your sorrow, shame, guilt, doubts and fears into the REVEAL Circle, where you’ll be invited to share (if you choose), uncover and reclaim the parts of you that you may be holding back on. Leave with ways to profoundly heal yourself.


July 2021

Radiant Evening Retreat £25

Melrose, 7pm – 9pm

Reveal your Radiance and true Soul Essence as we cultivate space in our hearts to allow ourselves to build upon our practice of Receiving. This is a beautiful evening for you to indulge in self-care, self-love and to find space in your day to rejuvenate. Includes a mini Radiant Ritual Gift Box.

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