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Cultivating Non-hierarchical Leadership through Collaboration

Our business model supports Modern Mystics to practice their Sacred Service & Artisans, Crafts & Creative folks to collaborate with us, providing offerings in our store.

We support folks (trans, non-binary & cis), who don’t sell on Amazon and whose products are hand-made in the UK via sustainable & eco-friendly practices.


Collaboration, not Competition. This is what we stand for.

We truly believe, in our heart of hearts that when we SEE the value that each of us brings, in a way that allows us to be our most unique, individual expressed selves, without tearing one another down, we WILL change the world.

In our world, we make room for you.

In our world, we celebrate you.

In our world, we champion you.

And we will always, make a stand for you.

When you enter The Mystics Cave, you are entering a REALM of Consciousness that does not tolerate bullying, belittling, or any kind of disregard of other humans.

We will always gently remind you, that when you are acting in a way that is judging another, then see the reflection within yourself. And we will always offer guidance that takes you back into your Heart, where the truth of who you are resides.

We are better together. In Unity. Always.

If you would like to become a Collaborator and have your products in our Store or Ritual Subscription Boxes, please click the button below and complete our form.

We’ll be in touch ASAP.


Meet Our Makers

Blooming Blends

Eco Friendly, Not on Amazon, Women-Owned, Handmade, Small Batch, Social Good

The Little Peace Company

Eco Friendly, Not on Amazon, Women-Owned, Handmade, Small Batch, Social Good, Organic

Ume Incense

Eco Friendly, Women-Owned, Handmade, Small Batch, Organic

LSW London

Women-Owned, Not on Amazon

Norfolk Natural Living

Eco-friendly, Handmade, Women-Owned, Not on Amazon, Small Batch, Social Good


Eco-friendly, Handmade, Not on Amazon, Small Batch, Social Good

Friendly Soap

Eco Friendly, Handmade, Small Batch, Social Good

Lisa Angel

Women-Owned, Not on Amazon

Três Paper Co

Eco-friendly, Handmade, Women-Owned, Small Batch, Social Good

Glitter Punk

Handmade, Women-Owned


Eco Friendly, Handmade, Small Batch, Organic, Wome-Owned


Hand-Made, Women-Owned, Not on Amazon

Pavot blue interiors

Eco-friendly, Handmade, Not on Amazon

Opal Living

Organic, Eco-Friendly, Small Batch, Not on Amazon, Handmade, Women-Owned

Jungle Culture

Eco Friendly, Handmade, Organic, Social Good


Eco-Friendly, Hand-Made, Social Good, Women-Owned, Organic, Small Batch


Our Journal

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The Ritual

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The Revelation

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The Revolution

The Revolution

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