Mindful Moments

Cultivate a daily practice to integrate, embody and align with your Sacred & Great Work which always begins with a true and deep connection with Self.

Our Ritual Kits have been specifically designed for the Modern Mystic, whatever your modality or practice, no matter how far along you are in your journey, we have something for you.

We practice these practices & invite you to join REALM, our online Sacred Sanctuary and Space (kits included!)




When you choose a topic to contemplate, study and “be at one with”, you are choosing to become more present without judgement or analysis.

This practice is an Art and whilst it is simple, it has profound effects on your whole being.

Our Contemplation Kit is one of our most popular ways for you to begin your journey into The Mystics Cave.




With a beautiful intention, prayer is the act of invocation, devotion and appeal to your own Higher and Greater knowing which can be used daily as a devotional practice to re-affirm your direction.

Prayer isn’t just for Religions, or those we believe are Holy, here at The Mystics Cave, prayer is a powerful form of self-communication when you trust in the power of thought and words.




When you train your brain to become more mindful, which is to bring awareness to your everyday experiences through senses, emotions or your state of mind, you literally rewire your brain.

This has amazing benefits as you start to unclutter and filter out the ‘noise’ of life, you’ll feel less overwhelmed, not overly reactive and tuned in to what you’re doing.




As we train our Attention using the practice of Meditation, we also train ourselves out of distracting thought.

There are many myths that meditation is difficult, like many things worth doing, it takes practice and there are many types of Meditation. You learn to “hear” yourself without judgement and gain a healthy sense of perspective. And you may even find yourself having many Mystical Moments.




This powerful form of Meditation allows you to experience the sensations of the events you can picture in your mind, such as a beautiful relaxing landscape, or to assist in training for a competition or rehearsal.

Enter the Imaginarium, the space in our Minds’ Eye allows us to ‘see’ the experience. Our Visualisation Kits help you to manifest all that you desire in all areas of your life.

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