rich-oo-uhl ]



of the nature of or practised as a rite or ritual: a ritual dance.
of or relating to rites or ritual: ritual laws.
In The Mystics Cave, we do not follow any religion or prescribed dogma. Instead, we believe that we can find our purpose, sense of peace and fulfilment through our devotion to daily practice, not creating habits (because habits are unconscious), instead, creating our own Soul-Styled Rituals that helps us to enhance who we are and who we came here to be.
We have no hierarchy here.
We are not Gurus.
We are Teachers who remind you, to look beyond what you believe to be true and see further into the depths of your own reality and truth.
As Contemporary, Modern Mystics this is our time to acknowledge our lineage(s) and work with the ancient knowledge whilst innovating as science begins to catch up with what has always been known as the unseen, or mysteries of the Universe. As an infinite, ever-expanding Realm of Consciousness, which we get to co-create, we will help you to uncover and discover for yourself, your innate Mystic.
The way you choose to practice your own Rituals is entirely up to your imagination as well as what you thoroughly enjoy doing. We want you to go DEEP into the Mystics Cave with your devotion, however, we also want you to be creative with your choices.
We offer mini starter kits for various Rituals for you to try:
Mini Meditation Kit
Mini Journal Kit
Mini Contemplation Kit
Mini Prayer Kit
All of these provide the basics of how to create your Sacred Space, in your personal Soul Style. Uncovering your own way of practising and devoting yourself to your rituals is super fun and we want the experience to bring you joy, not a sense of feeling that you “should” or “need” to. Rather, that it becomes who you are.
Love Susan xx